The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre

‘Within / Between / Beneath / Upon’ focuses on the art of sculpture by three internationally acclaimed Vietnamese artists Lê Hiền Minh, Richard Streitmatter-Trần and Thảo Nguyên Phan (with a special display dedicated to the late Modernist sculptor Điềm Phùng Thị). Coming from diverse media backgrounds (Hiền Minh originally in lacquer, Richard in new media and Thảo Nguyên in painting), each of these artists has gone on to experiment with varying methods and materials, committed to reflecting the perspectives of their local contexts, evident in their subject matters and materials with which they work.

In this exhibition I have created four new sculptural works, three of which relate to my ongoing interest in the Hindu-Buddhist aesthetic in Southeast Asian art and one a continuation of a long term experiment with bánh tráng as a sculptural material, this time increasing to architectural scales.

16 March, 2021