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The Diacritic Archive


Okay, it's not really an archive. It's just my obsession with books, which has just reached a new level of geekdom. I paid some pretty pennies for a bar scanner, which hooks into my linux netbook running a library application called Alexandria. I can scan the ISBN bar codes of the books into the program and it sucks thumbnails and info from databases such as Amazon. It's sweet. So sweet I spent six hours bar scanning the stacks. The collection focuses on art, design, architecture, some literature. Two days later, I invited students from my Concept Development class for a meeting at the house and officially launched my lifelong dream: to own a library.

If you have to ask, porn is filed under art...



And for the finishing touch, collection stickers are being printed. RFID tags when I become a millionaire...


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hmm, where did you hide this archive when i was the last time visiting your house?! anyways, such a great source of reference. how was your students' reaction?

Posted by:
Arlette | December 2, 2008 6:55 AM

wow! I swing by your site today and only now see this! Amazing! Can i come by to have a look at your library some day?

Posted by:
Diem | September 7, 2009 7:11 PM

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